Byte size: An introduction to creating CLI applications using picoCLI

Virtual Room 2

18:20 - 18:36

Alternative JVM languages

picoCLI is a small library that can be used to create JVM based command line interface applications.

Within 15 minutes, we’ll look at how to setup a project, create a small application and package it for others to use.

picoCLI is nice for several reasons : CLIs are a great way to automate some commands we run every day. And because it supports Java and Kotlin, we can keep using our main language of choice rather than having to dive into bash or node. Finally, pico applications can be turned into native images using GraalVM, which allows for a nice end user experience.

By the end of this talk, you’ll have a basic knowledge of what picoCLI can do, how to set it up and hopefully ideas of use cases to run it with!