General Terms & Conditions for Events by Reshift BV

August 2019

General Terms & Conditions for Events by Reshift BV (as of now “Reshift”)


Visitor terms & conditions

Visitors need to take the following terms and conditions into account.



The barcode on the tickets may not be folded or damaged. Because of this damage the barcode might not be read correctly, which might cause decline of access to the event. Duplicating your entree ticket so others can use it is pointless and might be cause for judicial persecution. An entree ticket is only valid for one person, for one time only (unless mentioned otherwise). The location, date and time of access will be shown on your entree ticket.



Entering and participating the event is at your own risk. Parents and supervisors are responsible for the behaviour of their children. The instructions of the Reshift employees must be followed at all times. Our employees are authorised to remove visitors who don’t follow the terms & conditions. In such a case, the visitor is not entitled for remuneration.



It’s only possible to access the event with a valid entree ticket. You need to be able to show this entree ticket (online or printed) during your participation of the event, in case one our employees asks for it. Reshift is entitled to decline access to visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics or when the visitor (possibly) disrupts the order.


Brought items

Wearing weapons or other dangerous items (by judgement of the employees) is prohibited. Using narcotics (if not subscriped by a doctor) is not allowed. Radios and other audio equipment are not allowed. Bikes, skates and other transportation devices are not allowed, with the exception of wheelchairs and other devices designed for movement impaired persons.



For safety reasons, it’s prohibited to enter technical areas and other areas that are only accessible for employees. 



Pets/animals are not allowed at the event. For safety reasons for the animals and visitors alike. With the exception of guiding dogs.


Clothing and footwear

At the event it’s required to have the upper- and lower body covered and wear footwear.


Photo & Video

It’s allowed to make photos for private use, unless stated at the event. Using flash or a tripod is prohibited. Publishing these images and/or audio is prohibited, unless Reshift gave a written agreement. It is possible that a visitor is visible on video/photos made by Reshift. Reshift reserves the right to publish this material.


Crowd & Technical malfunctions

At the event location it might not be possible to hold all the visitors in one area. This might cause a prohibition for a certain area during a limited time. Reshift is not responsible for possible damage and disappointment. Some parts will be controlled by different sorts of techniques. Malfunctions might cause delays. Reshift does not restitute money caused by delays.



Smoking inside the venue is not allowed, with the exception of designated areas (inside or outside).


Children and supervision

Children aged 17 and under need to have (at least) one adult as supervisor.


Ordering tickets, changing bookings and discount codes

New discount codes brought to light after your initial ticket purchase are not a reason for restitution.



The venue will be carefully monitored and maintained. Still, there is a possibility the visitor encounters unsafe situations or damage. We kindly ask the visitor to let one of the employees know as soon as possible, so this situation can be resolved. It is also possible that a visitor unwillingly causes damage. Also in this case, please let one our employees know as soon as possible.



If the visitor experiences damage during the visit to the event, he needs make it known to the reception before leaving the venue. Damage can never be reimbursed if it has not been made known beforehand. Reshift is not liable for any damage experienced by the visitor. This also counts for missing/damaged items given to Reshift for safekeeping. 


Restitution for absence or arriving too late

Reshift will not offer restitution for absence of the visitor at the event. If the visitor does not use his ticket, for any reason, the loss will be the visitors. Once the visitor uses its entree ticket, he can not change it back or restitute the ticket. Right to withdraw is not applicable.


Changes, calamaties or cancelling of expositions

Reshift reserves the right to change the date or location or cancel the event. In the case of changes to the venue, date or cancellation of the event, the visitor can ask Reshift to reimburse the fee for the entree ticket. Reshift will reimburse the fee as soon as possible to the same account which has payed for the ticket. Service- and administration costs will not be restituted.


Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

These tems and conditions are applicable to the Dutch Law. All disputes will be exclusively presented to the competent court of the Rechtbank Midden Nederland.



Reshift is always allowed to make changes in the terms and conditions. These changes will not be initiated until the previously announced date.

(Version August 2019)